Destiny is great fun, but I didn’t hesitate to delete it at level 34

DESTINY is a beautiful mess that gave me a great ten hours or so. Yet, I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone can play it for any longer.

Scrolling through general game news outlets, I have seen countless horror stories where people have lost days, weeks or even months to the pew-pew grind.

To me, Destiny feels like it could have been a brilliant single player experience.

It has just the right amount of variety in content for a campaign.
Yet this content has been stretched and warped into a mould that lets the player shoot bad guys in limited locations non-stop for days.

Perhaps it’s just my personal taste as a player, but I want a game to throw something new at me occasionally and give a true challenge.

From what I’ve seen of Destiny in the base game there isn’t so much of a difficulty curve as there is a difficulty flat-line ending with a final spike because one of your strike team is being a dick instead of standing in the shiny circle.

Many will jump to Destiny’s defence with an argument that will start with “But in the Taken King…”

Stop, stop right there.

You have dropped  what, £40 on the base game, £20 on House of Wolves, £20 on the dark below and then £45 on the Taken King.
That’s £125 and that last £45 includes all the previous content. So essentially you have been slapped around the face with a big business wet one for being a fan.

Anyone who stands up and says Destiny is the perfect game after having their wallet violently assaulted in this manner gains instant sympathy points for being intellectually barren.

True, the shooting is fun, despite there being as much variety to the enemies as there is in a packet of fruit-pastels.
But you can get the same experience by replaying Halo 500 times.

There are a lot of items to find and unlock in Destiny, all of them meaningless, reflected by a tiny yellow number at the top of the screen.

Hardcore Destiny players don’t care about their helmet having antlers or the unique decals on their rocket launcher, they just want a bigger number (light level). You can get the same appreciation by staring at a calculator for a week.

This is proven by how no one wears items like the Halloween skull mask. It’s one of the coolest helmets in the game but it does nothing to your light level so no one uses it.

Instead they wear a space helmet with shiny holes in it because it gives a digit to your tiny yellow number and an unnoticeable buff to every other bullet fired while standing on one foot.

When I hit the base level cap (shockingly quickly), I hovered the cursor over all that DLC content. I think that for a second I did consider buying it, at that moment my brain must have turned back on because I immediately deleted the game from my hard drive.

The Taken King is probably quite good, an example of what Destiny should always have been.

But the idea of buying something I’ve already bought because it’s not broken now does not appeal to me. In fact, it’s offensive.

So no, I will not be dropping £45 on a couple of new maps and a bigger number thank you very much.

Beta’s used to be free, now they’re full priced jokes.



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