New Arkham Knight DLC includes Batman v Superman skins


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

FOR anyone who has been eyeing up the new Batfleck, Dark Knight (comic series) inspired batsuit, now we’ve a chance to wear it in.

The November DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight includes the skin-tight grey suit along with the low-riding 2016 Batmobile.

The pack became available on Monday, November 24, free to season pass holders and will become available as a separate download on Tuesday, December 1.

Also released on November 24 were two new Arkham Episodes, each following Catwoman and Robin respectively.

“Catwoman’s Revenge” takes place after the main story and pits players against the Riddler once more.
While “Flip of a Coin” follows Robin in his fight against Two-Face.

Other content released includes: a new crime fighter challenge pack, six new AR challenges, two new race circuits, Robin Tim Drake skin, and two new skins for the Batmobile; Robin and Riddler.


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