Urpurn Wurld?! Well Durpdy durpdy dur


Courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment

Everyone is doing it now: Zelda, The Witcher, Mad Max, Mordor, Batman, Final Fantasy and everything in between is open world.

It is nice to have the option of pointing yourself in a direction and just walking for an hour, but why has this become a requirement for games? Why am I expected to exercise so much self-restraint to progress anywhere through the main story?

Horzon: Zero Dawn is a beautiful new IP, but it is just another one of those open world games.

Can you honestly tell me it will not feel like far cry crossed with the Witcher 3, but with robots instead of monsters.

It may be new but the mould has become way too familiar. Even Zelda’s at it. Yes, Breath of the Wild looks gorgeous. But it is yet another game bundled with an expectation of self control.

I cannot resist exploration, I start every Mario level by running left.

So if the option is there, I will take it, even if there is no reward there.

So imagine my dread, seeing all of these terrific new games being announced at E3, knowing I may never actually become acquainted with their main narrative.

If I turn on a Breath of the Wild, I’m probably never going to find the first sword because I’ll be too busy scouring every inch of the continent in case there’s a magic bean or some such rubbish under an unassuming rock.

So thank you current videogame industry trends, you’re taking 100s of hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

I should have taken up smoking instead.



  1. mikefleckcreator · June 16, 2016

    Great title haha! Good write up too! Have you featured your writing elsewhere on other gaming websites at all?


    • theHUDfool · June 17, 2016

      Ta very much for the praise there. No, my day job is a news reporter for a regional paper, mainly political stuff. This blog is that hobby I wish I had more time to do.


      • mikefleckcreator · June 28, 2016

        That’s awesome! Well, if you’re interested in getting to do more of this stuff, I work for Movie Pilot, I could help you get featured there if you like? Just shoot me an email – mike.fleck@moviepilot.com


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