Secret town discovered in Dark Souls III

DARK SOULS™ III_20160514110552

DARK Souls III has so many excellent locations to explore that it must have been a Goliath task to figure out which ones to include.

In fact there are certainly many locations that From Software had in mind before it chose the final cut.

I believe one of these cut locations has partially made its way into the game. Read More

No Man’s Sky – Review

No Man's Sky_20160816232020

At its visual best, No Man’s Sky offers some great sci-fi porn.

OUR universe is immense, to the point where the quantity of things within it is nearly incomprehensible.

This why it is so impressive that a team of around 20 people have managed to create their own. Read More

I just deleted Pokémon Go


Niantic, The Pokémon Company

NO, I don’t hate it.

Pokémon Go (PG) has done some marvellous things: putting a franchise I adore back in the spotlight, helping the socially uncertain get out the front door and forming spontaneous communities of gamers across the planet. Read More