Nomanskémon, tame the bazillion creatures in No Man’s Sky and build a home


Hello Games

EVERYONE is going nuts about the patch notes for No Man’s Sky. But I am not sure people are actually reading them.

They are not just crazy; they are insane.
Hello Games pretty much seem to be shaping the game into what I dreamed it to be.

Thanks Sean Murray, you bearded legend.

Looking through all those pretty trailers I wanted to approach the game in the same way I approached Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.

That is, catalogue every beast I see and create my own home base.

As more trailers were released I stayed invested in the awe inspiring mission statement of the game. Yet I wasn’t sure about how in-depth the cataloguing system will be and how far I will be able to interact with the wildlife.

I also saw no signs of the ability to make a home base. You seemed to live out of your ship.

Both of my chief worries have been addressed in the patch notes for 1.03, published by Mr Murray himself on August 7.

“Feeding – creatures now have their own diet, based on planet and climate. Feeding them correctly will yield different results per species, such as mining for you, protecting the player, becoming pets, alerting you to rare loot or pooping valuable resources.”

“Next up we’re adding the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters.”



This means, when my review copy lands on the mat tomorrow (fingers crossed) I will be able to hunker down on a planet. Explore every inch of it, and catalogue every living thing there; like the possessed love child of Ash Ketchum and David Attenborough.

I may have to wait a while before I am designing my own little Mos Eisley, but I am totes fine with that.

For the full patch notes, visit:


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