Civil War was trumped by Batman V Superman


Well that’s a controversial opinion isn’t it? A pretty delayed one too I know, but it’s taken some time for me to reach this decision.

I prefer Batman v Superman to Captain America: Civil War.

I’m aware that’s outrageous so let’s break it down.

As a cold critic looking at the formula behind what makes a good film, Civil War is better.

I am not denying that BvS’s plot is as coherent as watching 12 pygmies play monopoly in a washing machine.

I am also not denying that Civil War did a better job of establishing the conflict between the heroes.

Marvel seem to have perfected their formula for a reliable hero flick.

This is where the problem lies.

They’ve got too formulaic. Before I’d even seen all the trailers I knew exactly what was going to happen in Civil War.

It had no surprises and no tricks up its sleeve.


You could argue that Penny Carter dying or how Stark’s parents died were twists, but were they?

The Winter Soldier’s victims had already been revealed in the last Captain America movie and Agent Carter bless her cottons was in a bad shape back then too.

Compare this to the narrative of BvS and you get something entirely different.

Slightly too different perhaps, it verges on schizophrenic, but I found it far less predictable and more entertaining.

Yeah, I was lost at times, but I wasn’t bored.

So far I’m making it look like BvS is winning on a technicality. It isn’t, it has a phenomenal component that I adored.


BvS is my favourite on screen interpretation of the Dark Knight. Past all of the squeaky clean “the hero Gotham needs” bull of the one dimensional Bale Batman, Batflec is far more complex.

Here is a bat that’s seen some things and came out the other side changed.

Aflec does a brilliant job of portraying a hero that’s had enough of doing the “right” thing and just wants to see the job done.

And I swear, the next turdwallop that whines “but Burtmurn dusurnt use gurns” is going to get hit by my car.

Read a (comic)book. There have been plenty of times or interpretations where Batman’s shot people.

The fact that he does means that there are flaws to his character, ones that have developed over a currently ambiguous history.

This sense of lore is ingrained into Fincher’s Batman making him far more intriguing to follow.

Then there’s the fighting, by fuck the fighting; it’s so awesome.

Batflek would eat Balebat and crimp him out on Bane’s face.

That scene they peddled in the trailers is outstanding, showing raw speed, strength and ferocity.

No, it’s not very believable that one punch could bury a guy’s face in the floor, but that doesn’t stop it from being incredible to see.

This is full metal batman, capable of taking on armies and something the silver screen has been pining for since Adam West donned his best bat-tighty-whities.






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