Overwatch is now worth its asking price


Sombra. By: Blizzard

It wasn’t, okay?

It just wasn’t.

Full price for two identical game modes and a random rubbish one. No, that is not value for money.

But those who hedged their bets by saying “all dlc will be free, Blizzard will make it worth it” still can’t go feeling smug.

You paid £50 to have half a game for six months.

I paid £20 for a second hand copy because that’s what its price should have been.

Now though, it feels like it’s all there.

I am a bit miffed the animated shorts and comic backstories aren’t on the disc, they’d have been great loot crate material, but the gameplay at least now feels fleshed out.

The 1.5 patch brings Sombra, a great DPS (damage per second) character with clever stealth powers, a slew of buffs, a mountain of nerfs and the all new Arcade mode.

Arcade is where Overwatch earns its keep.

All brawls have now been mixed into a playlist and four new game modes have been made staples.

1v1 locked to the same character, 3v3 no respawns, 6v6 random heroes and 6v6 no character limits.

Winning three 1v1s or 3v3s also unlocks a loot crate, maximum of three a week.

This encourages skill over the teamwork in the main game and will peel away those players who feel “safe” in Quick play.

Quick play and Competitive are also having some changes.

Quick play now has a one-of-each limit, so you won’t face an irritating army of Meis anymore. Woop.

We don’t know what changes will be made for season three of Competitive, but fingers crossed for something that fixes ELO Hell (inability to gain wins due to unskilled team mates).

The nerfs and buffs have also had a massive impact on how team fights play out.

It now seems to favor hard hitters like Soldier 76 and Pharah, but more on that in a different post.

So yeah, if you were waiting for Overwatch to have less abysmal content, now would be the time to buy.

Though, be prepared to spend the next week watching it update itself.


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