Dishonored 2’s Jindosh Riddle ruined my playthrough; plus solution hint


Kirin Jindosh, maker of the Jindosh Lock and Riddle.

Dishonored 2 offers an excellent mix of stealth, combat and problem solving.

Yet there is one moment in the game that defies everything I have learnt as a gamer.

The Dust District mission features a complicated riddle a short way in.

It is called the “Jindosh Riddle” and it corresponds to a large combination lock.

The riddle involves figuring out the identities of five women at a dinner party and what heirlooms they possessed.

I love riddles, so I dropped my gamepad, grabbed a pen and started working it out.

It took me about 20 minutes until I could triumphantly key in the combination.

I gave out a little “yay” when the door popped open.

What I wasn’t expecting was the game to punish me for my hard work.

Opening the door brought up the mission complete screen, panic.

I had left a dozen collectible runes and charms behind, and Dishonored 2 doesn’t let you replay missions.

After the screen had passed along with a quick cutscene, I hurriedly span around and went back through the door.

To my horror, all the collectibles from the previous area had been wiped. Bye-bye.

Several doors had also been blocked off, so nuts to exploring too.

It could be argued that I hadn’t listened to the mission briefing, but I had.

I had to gain access to Aramis Stilton’s home with the help of either the Overseers or the Howlers gang.

I presumed the mission would end once I had found Stilton and made my way back to the Dreadful Whale; the way all previous missions had ended.

Instead, I lost out on a tonne of powerups. I had spent the prior nine hours scouring every single rune from each nook and cranny, now my run through is permanently marred.

Salt in the wound, my previous quick save was two hours ago.



To others attempting to get through the door, I recommend leaving the riddle alone.

Instead, play through the level to the left of the door, eventually someone will just give you the code anyway.

To those who want to solve it, list the variables.

The variables are: names, seat locations, drinks, colours, homes and heirlooms.

List them and match them up where it tells you they do; work out the rest through the process of elimination.

It’s randomized so the answer changes in each play through.

For my Dishonored 2 review, click here.


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