Pokémon Sun and Moon has a bad intro


IT TOOK me two hours and thirty minutes to reach the first Pokémon centre in Pokémon Sun.

That is way too long. I wanted to pick up my dapper-little-bow-tie-totting Rowlett and hit that long grass.

Instead, the game spends hours having a boring whiter-than-white girl drag your around half the island.

I get that kids need to be able to play this game, but come on.

If they are intelligent enough to find the 3DS ‘on’ button then they can probably figure out the “bag” is where you keep things.

I am enjoying Sun, but there is a bigger focus on narrative that I’m not too fond of.

Previous games have opened up to wide spaces pretty quickly and let you have a wander around the towns. In Sun, every 10 steps seems to be triggering an arduous and uninformative cutscene.

Veterans will know there is usually a school in one of the first towns you visit, a place offering basic information.

It is usually a building you can pop in to and then be on your way, sometimes you can skip it entirely.

In Sun and Moon it is a full-sized school and you must track down trainers within its grounds.

It extrapolates a minor feature, kind of missing the point of why I’m playing; which is to catch and fight monsters.

Not stroll from room to room in a dull game of hide-and-seek.

I know locations like the S.S.Anne offered a similar experience in the past, but they weren’t so immediate and obtrusive about it.

On the plus side, this is the prettiest game they’ve made so far and lots of little things make battling much better; like the effectiveness indicator and pokeball shortcut.

Overall, I am liking this entry. I just wish the series would stop pretending it’s Homer’s Odyssey.




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