Dragon Quest VIII shouldn’t be on 3DS

Dragon Quest VIII.jpg

DRAGON Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is my favourite JRPG.

The art style is beautiful, the story is sweeping, battling is basic but addictive, the world is huge and the sound track is sublime.

I cannot hide my excitement for the 3DS release, but I am also quite disappointed  it is not a home console remake.

DQ8 is a game that needs long play sessions.

You must curl up in a duvet and stroll through the plains for several hours before you’ve even assembled the main cast.

The 3DS on the other hand is designed for burst play.

Whipping it out on the train, playing a Professor Layton puzzle, then putting it back in your pocket; that’s what the 3DS does best.

Then there’s the visuals.

You need a big-ass TV to appreciate everything DQ8 has to offer. Vast mountains, burning deserts and intimidating castles will be difficult to appreciate on the 3DS’ screen.

Yeah, the 3DS does have a pretty good screen with the potential for 3D, but this is a game where scale matters and that cannot be catered for on a handheld.

It needs a screen that can be measured in strides, not inches.

In terms of marketing, I suppose it does make sense.

Square Enix will not want to be competing with themselves on the home consoles.

Dragon Quests XI is due for them and they won’t want too many people stuck in the 100+ hours of content in DQ8 when the latest installment launches.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King releases on January 20, 2017 on 3DS and 2DS.


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