My chicken’s pissed at me, and I don’t know why

Goddamnit Mr CluckCluck. Why can’t you be more like Mumblemoof the cow, she’s perpetually happy with me.

So is the dog, and he sleeps outside in the rain!

You have an entire house to yourself and a metric tonne of food, yet in the 3 seasons I’ve owned you, you’ve laid 1 egg!? Read More


Top 10 enemy rosters 

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170811181937


I THINK the bad guys contribute more to making a game fun than the protagonist does.

Each enemy you come across is its own individual miniature challenge. Some have mere moments to make a lasting impression so it is important that they have something to make them memorable.

Currently there are too many games that rely on waves of faceless grunts for you to chew on. Instead, whenever some ugly bastard stomps into the fray, you should be thinking “oh hello, it’s one of THOSE guys“, not “oh it’s another guy.Read More

Game review (a very late one) – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


HALF-NAKED, I reach the top of a cliff on the edge of a desert.

The heat is literally killing me, forcing me to strip down to the tighties.

I had just spent 10 minutes scouring rock formations for edible mushrooms, in front of me I could see green for the first time in hours.

I pull out my paraglider and happily start drifting down in search of food to cook.

Clouds begin to roll in with a thunderstorm, luckily I’m just about to drop through a canopy into a sheltered patch of woodland.

Bumpf, on the ground, right in the middle of an enemy camp; bursts of lightning highlight their monstrous silhouettes. Read More

Future of Switch gaming


You don’t go to Nintendo for power.

The main issue many take up with the Nintendo Switch is it’s lack of graphical grunt. Yet anyone citing this as the reason never to get one is missing the point.

Nintendo have not been in the power race since the PSOne’s disc drive knocked them down.

Instead they have innovated and honed down their products.

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