My chicken’s pissed at me, and I don’t know why

Goddamnit Mr CluckCluck. Why can’t you be more like Mumblemoof the cow, she’s perpetually happy with me.

So is the dog, and he sleeps outside in the rain!

You have an entire house to yourself and a metric tonne of food, yet in the 3 seasons I’ve owned you, you’ve laid 1 egg!?

A woman agreed to marry me simply because I stalked her and threw dandelions at her twice a week, but you. Oh f**k no, you’re getting waited on hand and foot, but you are perpetually angry.

…It took me four months to work out that chickens only eat food you have manually placed in a trough in Stardew Valley.

I had immediately flashed out on the best barn, not realising it feeds the animals automatically, while my humble little chicken coop did not.

Despite my occasional irritation, it is the small things like this that make Stardew Valley so appealing to me.

On the surface, the 8-bit style graphics lull you into believing this is a simple game, keeping you happy with the grind in the same way Farmville and Harvest Moon do.

Yet as you scratch a little deeper you begin to find lots of little mechanics that keep making the game a little bit more interesting.

For example, while wandering around cutting down trees I found a mouse had appeared in an old house and he/she sold me some rather tasteful hats.

On another occasion I completed what I thought to be a minor side quest only to open up a bus route to a completely new area, and just the other day I had my fishing trip interrupted by what appeared to be a giant frog-man.

Now; how to talk the missus out of wanting kids…


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