About theHUDfool

A 20 something year old journalist, reporter and videogames enthusiast.
Grew up in the rural side of butt-chuff nowhere, where I was expected to take up hobbies like sheep sheering, hunting, drinking ale and spitting a lot. Instead I escaped into books and videogames.
I have a taste for games that show innovation and an artistic streak.
Personal favourites are: Doom II, OkamiLittle Big Planet 2Batman Arkham City and Kingdom Hearts II (Hmm, may have a subconscious bias towards sequels).
I may be British but; no, I do not like football/soccer, tea is the Aquaman of the hot drinks world and the Queen is just a sweet old lady with a worrying bling obsession.
I do reviews, opinion articles, a bit of news and pieces on experiences and discoveries in games.
Not exactly an original concept, I am aware.
As for the name, everyone knows what a HUD is, and the ‘fool’ is a recurring Shakespeare character that adds comic relief while providing acute moral insight.

I also have twitter.


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