Game review (a very late one) – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


HALF-NAKED, I reach the top of a cliff on the edge of a desert.

The heat is literally killing me, forcing me to strip down to the tighties.

I had just spent 10 minutes scouring rock formations for edible mushrooms, in front of me I could see green for the first time in hours.

I pull out my paraglider and happily start drifting down in search of food to cook.

Clouds begin to roll in with a thunderstorm, luckily I’m just about to drop through a canopy into a sheltered patch of woodland.

Bumpf, on the ground, right in the middle of an enemy camp; bursts of lightning highlight their monstrous silhouettes. Read More


Horizon: Zero Dawn – Review


The three anchoring qualities of Horizon are: the world, the machines and Aloy herself.

HORIZON: Zero Dawn has the characteristics of a soaring eagle, bursting from a cage after years of captivity.

For the past decade, Horizon’s developers, Guerilla Games have rigidly stuck to the First Person Shooter genre, severely limiting their ability to show us what they are truly capable of.

What they have created with Horizon is a true tour de force and further proof that original intellectual properties can shine in a market of Call or Duties and Fifas. Read More

Final Fantasy XV – Review

logo-ffxvTHERE is no in-between with this game, it either does something exceptionally well or it makes a mess of it.

Announced a decade ago under the working title of ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’, you would expect Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) to be a polished gem.

Instead it is an assortment of hit and miss content, so varied you are bound to find at least one thing you enjoy among the thickets. Read More

Pokémon Sun and Moon – Review


EACH new entry in Gamefreak’s legendary critter catcher series is steadily getting braver.

Up until Pokémon Black and White, the games were criticised for stubbornly sticking to the formula.

Then, more robust multiplayer options were brought in, new battle types, new ways to train and some brilliant monster designs.

After the beautiful X&Y, with its useful super training, badass mega-evolutions and great post game areas and challenges; I couldn’t wait for Sun and Moon.

Hmm, oh well. Read More