Final Fantasy XV – Review

logo-ffxvTHERE is no in-between with this game, it either does something exceptionally well or it makes a mess of it.

Announced a decade ago under the working title of ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’, you would expect Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) to be a polished gem.

Instead it is an assortment of hit and miss content, so varied you are bound to find at least one thing you enjoy among the thickets. Read More


First Dragon Quest XI footage

FINALLY, here’s a look at Dragon Quest XI.

I’ve been waiting for a full size Dragon Quest on a home console since VIII.

Ni no Kuni scratched the itch a bit but this is what it’s all about. A solid single player experience and mahoosive world to stroll around in.

Now should I get it on PS4 or Switch?

Pokémon Sun and Moon – Review


EACH new entry in Gamefreak’s legendary critter catcher series is steadily getting braver.

Up until Pokémon Black and White, the games were criticised for stubbornly sticking to the formula.

Then, more robust multiplayer options were brought in, new battle types, new ways to train and some brilliant monster designs.

After the beautiful X&Y, with its useful super training, badass mega-evolutions and great post game areas and challenges; I couldn’t wait for Sun and Moon.

Hmm, oh well. Read More

Dishonored 2 – Review


A VIVIDLY realised world, confident art direction and open ended level design make Dishonored 2’s setting of Karnaca an exciting place to visit.

Dishonored 2 (D2) is a game about options; combat, mobility, map design, ability unlocks and the narrative are all crafted in a way that gives you several fulfilling choices.

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